2016  AWARDS


The Caribbean Voice Award:

Dianne McTurk, internationally recognized conservationist

and animal protection activist


Pakarimas Award:

Sattaur Gafoor, socially responsible businessman and


Jean La Rose, internationally recognized Amerindian

rights activist


Kykoveral Award:

Krishnadat Persaud, philantropist and social activist who

established his own counseling center

Shabakie Fernandes, public servant whose work focuses on

empowerment  and giving back


Canje Pheasant Award::

Gerry Gouveia, businessman whose social responsibility is

extensive and significant

Dennis Charran, businessman whose social responsibility is extensive and significant


Victoria Regia Awards:

Sham Tilak, Founder/President of Save Abee Foundation, a US based NGO that does tremendous educational and empowerment work among Guyana's youth

SASOD, NGO championing the rights of Guyana's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community

Monique's Helping Hands, Counseling center set up by Dr. Dawn Stewart, that has been doing significant work on suicide prevention, sex crimes, abuse, AIDS and related issues


Maticore Queh Queh Awards:

Anna Catherina Islamic Complex, (ACIC), leading faith based NGO that significantly focuses on social issue

Guyana Cultural Association, leading US based NGO fostering, promoting, celebrating and advocating Guyanese art and culture


Umana Yana Awards:

Macushi Research Unit, leading community based NGO doing tremendous social activism and empowerment work within its community

Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association, leading provider of sexual and reproductive health care and family planning services in Guyana


Greenheart Awards:

Imam Bacchus & Sons, business whose social responsibility is extensive and significant

Allison Butters-Grant, businesswoman whose social responsibility is extensive and significant


Arapaima Awards:

Godfrey Scott, leading youth activist engage din empowerment and rights activism

Enterprize Youth Development Group, leading community based organization that focuses on youth empowerment within its community and environment


Dr. Faith Harding/Lionel Peters Awards:

Nazim Hussain, Public Relations & Marketing Director, The Caribbean Voice's Guyana Team

Cultural Segment

Singer Terry Gajraj

Singer Bunty Singh

Singer Roger Hinds

African Drumming

Indian Dancing

African Dancing

Masquerade Band

Singer Satish Udairam

Singer Prince Krish

Singer Celia Samaroo

Emcees: Shanaz Hussain and WR Reaz

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