Concert for Hope Launched as a Platform for Socially Conscious Fundraising

On January 28, 2017, The Caribbean Voice launched the Concert For Hope Series as a platform for socially conscious fundraising. The rationale is to provide clean, family type entertainment, while spreading anti-violence and suicide prevention messages.

The first concert was held in Orlando, Florida in collaboration with Sip and Chat Restaurant, which hosted the concert for free. Among those volunteering their services for free were singers and The Caribbean Voice spokesperson Satish Udairam and George Dover. Other artists who volunteered included Natty Ramoutar, now also a spokesperson for The Caribbean Voice, Ravi 2R Narine, George Nandan and Apache Waria. The emce for the event was Vice President of The Caribbean Voice, TV and radio personality, Shanaz Hussain.

Satish Udairam, Natty Ramoutar and Shanaz Hussain spearheaded this very successful effort, which was well supported by the host and a number of media including Guyanachunes.com.

Plans are afoot to make this an annual feature. Already a venue has been identified for 2018 and a date will set set sometime later in the year.









Stage Set for Caribbean Voice’s Second Concert for Hope

Concert For Hope


Karaoke Dinner Dance