National Guyana Coordinator of The Caribbean Voice, Nazim Hussain, met Minister of Social Cohesion, Youth and Culture, Dr. George Norton, on 01/04/18 to discuss collaboration.

National Guyana Coordinator of The Caribbean Voice, Nazim Hussain, met Guyana Teachers' Union General Secretary, Coretta McDonald and President, Mark Light, on 01/11/18 to finalize collaborative efforts.

Sections of the attendance at the teachers' mental health workshop at Canje Seconday School, today, January 17, in collaboration with the Guyana Teachers' Union and the Child Care & Protection Agency. 121 teachers attended.

TCV's Nazim Hussain and Kehsni Rooplall, with GTU President, Mark Lyte and members of the GTU Berbice executive.

TCV welcomes our two newest members to Team Guyana - Farah Nats Khan and Jenelle Evelyn - at today's (Jan 18) members meeting.

TCV members at today's (Jan 19) press conference.

Pics from Teacher's Workshop on Jan. 26, 2018 at Berbice High School - 101 teachers attended.

Pics from Teacher's Workshop on Jan. 30, 2018 at Lenora Secondary School - 103 teachers attended.

Pics from Gatekeepers' Training on Feb 3, 2018 at Rose Hall Community Center, for retrenched Canje sugar workers.

TCV's Nazim Hussain and Keshni Rooplall with President Ramona Rookhum and Secretary Chandrawattie Persaud of  the Guyana Association of  Women Lawyers at a  meeting this morning,(Feb 15, 2018) at the Guyana Bar Association secretariat to discuss collaboration.

Nazim Hussain & Ibi Edwards with contestants at today's (Feb. 26)  TCV debate competition for EBD schools.

TCV presenting wheelchair to 84 yr         old Arjune aka Peerai of             Linepath Skeldon.

TCV presenting wheelchair to Raj Haimraj.of Tuschen for use by his paralysed wife.